Belton Fourth of July Celebrations in 2020

Belton Fourth of July Celebrations in 2020
June 05, 2020

The City of Belton worked in concert with the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce to modify Fourth of July festivities in Belton this year due to precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes come after weeks of dialogue with the Chamber, Bell County, Bell County Public Health District and other stakeholders.

 “This was such a difficult decision for all of us,” Mayor Marion Grayson said. “We will still celebrate the Fourth of July in Belton this year, but it will just look a little different.”

 The Belton Chamber is moving forward with several events including:

  • 96th annual PRCA Rodeo at the Bell County Expo (July 2-4)
  • Two nights of concerts at the Backyard Party at Schoepf’sFireworks show following the Sprung concert on July 4.
    • Kevin Fowler (July 3)
    • Sprung (July 4)
  • Fireworks show following Sprung concert on July 4
  • Virtual/Broadcast Parade

 Belton’s Fourth of July events are some of the most popular in the region and state. The events are made possible through a combination of partnerships between the City of Belton and the Chamber, as well as partnerships between the Chamber and other local businesses.

 “The City will continue to support the Chamber with the events that occur,” Mayor Grayson said.

 Last year was the 100th anniversary of the parade. This year the Chamber plans to move the parade celebration to a digital environment. The details of this new development are coming soon.

“We appreciate the process that preceded this decision,” City Manager Sam Listi said. “The Chamber’s dedication to the Fourth of July in Belton, thoroughness in exploring options, and creativity during unprecedented times really has been impressive. They remain a great partner with us.”

 The rationale behind changing the parade is tied to public safety and the logistical challenges related to social distancing with large crowds.

“This outcome is not about limiting freedom. It is about using freedom in a way that safeguards the community during a public health crisis, based on all available information,” Listi said. “We hope next year to use those same freedoms to gather and celebrate American independence in a more traditional Belton way.”