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Cheryl Maxwell
Planning Director


PO Box 120
Belton, TX  76513

Ph: 254-933-5812
Fx: 254-933-5822

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Inspection requests must be received the day before please. Call 254-933-5812 to request an inspection or do so through the portal. 


Changes made to subdivision plat process 

In order to comply with recently passed state legislation, we have revised our submittal dates and checklist for subdivision plat/plan reviews. 

Plat Schedule: The new deadline for submittals will be the 1st Monday of the month instead of the 15th, effective for the January P&ZC meeting.  So, December 2nd is the deadline for consideration for the January 21st P&ZC meeting.  Staff review time is approximately 10 working days for the first submittal, and 5 working days for re-submittals.  Our policy is to ensure plats/plans are administratively complete, i.e. all items have been addressed, before moving forward to the P&ZC for consideration.  This ensures any issues are fully identified and addressed (or variance requested), before the plat is presented to the P&ZC/CC.  Keep our calendar on hand. 

Plat Checklist: We have a new checklist for plats and construction plans that will be used by staff as we review the initial submittal of the plat and plans.  The applicant needs to check-off this list before submitting the plat and plans to us.  Each item needs to be addressed and if not applicable, indicated as such.  We will review this list when a plat and plans are  being submitted; if it is not provided, or if an item has not been addressed, they will not be accepted.  This is effective for the December 2nd submittal. 

Download the forms here, under Planning Applications and Ordinances >> Subdivision Related Documents. 

City can no longer require specific building materials

Effective Sept. 1, 2019, use of specific building materials identified in Section IV - Building Design Standards, are not required, but are recommended. This is due to the passage of HB 2439 by the Texas State Legislature in their 86th regular session.  

Council adopts new mobile food vendor ordinance

As the popularity of food trucks shows no signs of slowing down, the City of Belton recently presented a mobile food vendor ordinance that was adopted by City Council on July 9.

Now with a set of rules in place, business owners can map out the best locations in Belton to operate. The City has developed a new application and application fee, changing it to a six-month permit and $50. The application can be turned into the Planning Department, 333 Water Street in Downtown Belton.

We welcome you to Belton and look forward to working with you.

(Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance 2019-27 and Amended Fire Code for Food Vendors, 2019-28.) 

Tour Historic Belton 

We have a new brochure with a walking tour and driving tour for you to explore Historic Belton, Texas.
Pick up a brochure at City Hall, 333 Water Street in Downtown Belton or at the Bell County Museum, 201 North Main Street. 

Use your phone and follow along with our app:

Current Building Codes

The City of Belton adopted these updated Building Codes as noted below. The changes went into effect Oct. 1, 2018. Read the ordinance adopted by City Council here. 

Go to the Public Works Environmental Programs page for more information on backflow requirements and grease trap requirements. 
Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Ordinance - Adopted November 2017
Fats, Oils, Grease and Grit Ordinance - Adopted November 2017

Additional information:code books
Why Adopt Updated Codes?
Presentation: Summary of Key Changes
Proposed Schedule
BCEGS Brochure
Explaining BCEGS

About the Planning Department 

The Planning Department administers Belton development through Planning, Development Review, Building Permitting, and Building Inspections.
The Department operates as a "one-stop shop," beginning with initial long-range planning, and moving through a process that includes zoning, subdivision, site planning, construction plan review, permitting and inspections. 
The Department maintains the Comprehensive Plan, Thoroughfare Plan, and administers the Zoning Ordinance, Design Standards and Guidelines, and maintains an updated population estimate.

Current Population

Hike and Bike TrailIn 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the Belton population to be 18,216.Each year the Belton City Council adopts an updated population estimate by resolution. The estimate utilizes data available from the U.S. Census Bureau, combined with building permit and annexation data. The most recent estimates are:

2019: 22,078
2018: 21,721
2017:  21,214
2016:  20,517
2015:  19,809
2014:  19,314
2013:  18,981

Contractors and Builders

Inspections are conducted Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless offices are closed. Requests received after 8 a.m. are conducted the next business day.
Contractors are required to register with the city each calendar year at a rate of $50.
Those who have previously registered, may renew registration at anytime prior to the expiration of the current registration.
By law, state licensed electrical and plumbing contractors are exempt from paying the registration fee, but please fill out the contractor registration form and provide a copies of a business license and proof of insurance to the Planning Department, so that our files stay current.
Please contact the Planning Department with any questions, 254-933-5812, 254-933-5822 (fax) or email.  

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