Prevention Programs

Prevention Programs

Crime Alert
Crime Awareness Alerts
While on patrol in neighborhoods, Belton Police Officers are constantly on alert for conditions that make people more susceptible to crime and devote time to mitigate or correct these conditions. If an officer observes such a condition and is unable to contact the resident or owner, the officer may leave a Crime Awareness Alert to request that the property be secured or issue corrected. Officers may leave a Crime Awareness Alert for:
  • Open garage doors
  • Doors or windows open or unlocked (vehicles or residence)
  • Valuables in plain sight in a vehicle 
  • Bicycles left in yard
  • Parcels left on front porch
  • Newspapers or mail left uncollected
Please help prevent crime in Belton by properly securing your home, business, vehicles and other property.

Ewatch SignThe Belton Police Department uses an innovative community watch program called eWatch, which allows the Belton Police Department to communicate with Belton businesses and residents by text and email. 
This program provides timely public safety updates regarding issues that concern neighborhoods or businesses. For example, if a neighborhood experiences a rash of vehicle break-ins, the police department can send text/email to residents and businesses to inform them about these crimes and potentially share descriptions of suspects or suspicious vehicles. 
Participation in this service helps strengthen community relationships, reduces crime and improves quality of life for citizens, businesses and guests. 
To have an eWatch sign delivered to you, please call 933-5840 
or email (Signs are available to Belton residents who are eWatch partners)

Neighborhood eWatch
Neighborhood eWatch is a "cyber" neighborhood watch to give Belton citizens an additional avenue in which to contribute to protecting and improving their quality of life. eWatch is designed to provide Belton citizens with an easy way to receive:
  • Monthly Neighborhood AOR Crime Reports
  • Crime Alerts
  • Resident Surveys
  • Crime Prevention Messages
  • Community Service Messages
Many Belton residents are busy professionals interested in participating in a neighborhood watch program but too busy to attend traditional neighborhood watch meetings. Belton Neighborhood eWatch is the answer!

How Do I Sign Up? 
Sign up for Neighborhood eWatch membership by filling out a short form. Once the form is received, participants are separated into three separate districts: North District (north of 13th Avenue), Central District (south of 13th Avenue and north of U.S. Highway 190), and South District (south of US Highway 190 and east of Interstate 35).

Business eWatch
 The BPD Business eWatch Group was formed to facilitate communication and exchange of information regarding crime prevention, safety, and related topics between the department and Belton businesses to include:
  • Crime Alerts
  • Business Surveys
  • Community Service Messages
  • Crime Prevention Messages

Neighborhood Video Partner

Belton PD Video PartnerJoin us in a partnership to make our community more secure. Many residents and businesses have taken extra security measures to monitor their property by installing outdoor security cameras.
Security camera video footage is often a valuable tool when investigating criminal activity. Video footage can capture images of crimes in progress, people involved in suspicious activity, provide detailed suspect vehicle information, and can sometimes help track the direction of travel of a criminal entering or leaving a neighborhood.
The Neighborhood Video Partner Registration Program provides us with a volunteer database of video resources we can quickly turn to when searching for investigative clues. Registering your camera not only helps deter crime but assists in the overall crime prevention strategy in your neighborhood.
Belton PD will not have direct access to any system. We will only contact you if a crime occurs in the neighborhood and your system may have captured video that would help an investigation.
Please join us as a neighborhood video partner

RU OK? Senior Program 
 The RU OK? Senior Program is a free service that establishes a prearranged time for participants to receive a weekly phone call inquiring about their welfare.

During the call participants are asked “Are You OK?” 
If they answer “yes” they may simply hang up and continue with their day. If a concern is expressed, however, the volunteer caller would determine the nature of the concern and if some sort of response is appropriate. Unanswered calls or busy signals are called back. If there is still no response, the volunteer caller may request that an officer perform a safety check at the location.

Seniors or family members may pick up an application at the Belton Police Department or online.

Emergency Contacts
Help Belton Police Department maintain a current business contact list for responsible persons at your business in case of an emergency. Our officers work hard to keep the most up-to-date information on all businesses.  This information includes after-hour contacts, service contacts (such as janitorial services) and much more. 
If your information has changed, please complete the Emergency Contact Form, return it to the Belton Police Department.

Hot Check Procedures
 Hot check cases are handled by the Bell County Attorney's Office, which has a Hot Check webpage with helpful information.