Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Hall Sam Listi City Manager (254)-933-5818
City Hall Michelle Garcia Executive Administrative Assistant to City Manager (254)-933-5818
City Hall Paul Romer Public Information Officer (254)-933-5889
City Hall Amy Casey City Clerk (254)-933-5817
City Hall Judy Garrett Convention and Visitors Bureau and Tourism Manager (254)-933-5849
Planning Erin Smith Director of Planning (254)-933-5816
Planning Laura Livingston Clerk (254)-933-5812
Planning Bruce Ebbert Building Official (254)-933-5814
Planning Kelly Trietsch Planner (254)-933-5891
Finance Brandon Bozon Director of Finance (254)-933-5808
Fire Department Bruce Pritchard Fire Chief (254)-933-5885
Fire Department Wesley Gilbreath Assistant Fire Chief (254)-933-5884
Fire Department Brian Campbell Fire Captain (254)-933-5828
Fire Department Justin Porter Fire Captain (254)-933-5828
Fire Department Tami Bliven Administrative Assistant (254)-933-5882
Fire Department Melinda Brice EMS Billing (254)-933-5804
Fire Department Jeff Brooker Fire Marshal (254)-933-5827
Human Resources Charlotte Walker Director of Human Resources (254)-933-5803
Parks and Recreation Matt Bates Director of Parks and Recreation (254)-933-5861
Library Kim Kroll Director of Library (254)-933-5832
Library Sarah Maddaford Librarian (254)-933-5830
Library Lauren Gommert Children's Library Clerk (254)-933-5830
Library Julie Neal Clerk (254)-933-5832
Information Technology Chris Brown Director of Technology (254)-933-5879
Planning Anthony Notgrass GIS Analyst (254)-933-5890
Municipal Court LaCretia Van de Plas Court Administrator (254)-933-5839
Police Department Gene Ellis Assistant City Manager, Police Chief (254)-933-5840
Police Department Debbie Smith Administrative Assistant to Police Chief (254)-933-5840
Police Department Larry Berg Deputy Chief of Operations (254)-933-5840
Police Department Jen Wesley Deputy Chief of Support Services (254)-933-5840
Police Department Joshua Soileau Animal Control (254)-933-5821
Police Department Anita Wyatt Volunteer Coordinator (254)-939-3673
Public Works Jeremy Allamon Assistant Director of Public Works (254)-933-5823
Public Works Marci Seele Administrative Assistant (254)-933-5823
Public Works Angellia Points Director of Public Works (254)-933-5823
Utility Billing Amanda Cox Supervisor (254)-933-5800
Utility Billing Silvia Ramos Customer Service (254)-933-5802
Utility Billing Jasmine Rios Customer Service (254)-933-5800