Boil Order Rescinded

Boil Order Rescinded

Boil Order Rescinded
May 10, 2022
3:59 p.m.

The boil water notice for all Belton residents has been rescinded following water quality results received by the Bell County Water Improvement and Control District No. 1 and the City of Belton.

WCID No. 1 Back to Full Treatment Capacity
May 10, 2022
10:22 a.m.

As of 8 a.m. this morning, water use restrictions related to capacity issues at the treatment plant have been rescinded, but a boil notice is still in place for Belton residents and others who receive treated drinking water from Bell County Water Improvement and Control District No. 1 (WCID 1).

WCID said it anticipates an update around 4 p.m. on testing related to the precautionary boil order. Test results must be clear of total coliform to lift the boil notice.

Although the water usage restriction has been lifted, the area remains in Stage 1 drought restrictions enacted in April by the Brazos River Authority. Stage 1 restrictions seek a voluntary 5% reduction in usage due to lower than normal lake levels and a severe drought projection.

Bell County WCID No. 1 Issues Update about Treatment Plant
May 9, 2022
9:17 a.m.

Bell County WCID No. 1 has shared an update about its water treatment plant.
Please continue to conserve water.
Boil notice remains in place.

Boil Water Notice Issued in Belton
May 8, 2022
3:38 p.m.

A boil water notice has been issued for City of Belton water customers system-wide following a power outage at the plant that supplies the city with treated water.

This is in addition to the conservation efforts requested on Saturday following the repair of a 48-inch line that ruptured at Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No.  1, which supplies water to several cities in the area.  

Please continue to conserve water during this boil notice, which is for all City of Belton water customers.   

To ensure the destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and making ice should be boiled and cooled prior to use. The water should be brought to a vigorous, rolling boil and boiled for two minutes. In lieu of boiling, purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source.

Instructions to discontinue boiling will be issued in the same manner as this notice and/or on the City’s website at If you have questions concerning this matter, please  contact City of Belton Public Works Department at (254) 933-5823.