City Council Awards Bid on Water Tower

City Council Awards Bid on Water Tower
September 15, 2021

The Belton City Council made three decisions Tuesday to assure that treated water continues to flow throughout the city over the next several decades. The big decision was awarding a $3.15 million contract to Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors to build a new 1-million-gallon water storage tank in north Belton.

The 120-foot-tall structure will be built on a 1.7-acre parcel of land off Chisholm Trail Parkway near Longfellow Drive and Leaning Tree Cove.

This will be Belton's third water tank. It will help meet future demand, stabilize water supply, and reduce variations in water pressure. In addition, it will satisfy future TCEQ requirements.

The tank has been included in the City’s Water Master Plan since 2008. The property for the tank was acquired in 2015.

In preparation for the tank, a 16-inch water transmission line was installed to the property in 2019. The line connects the site to a Sparta Road distribution line and an 8-inch line that serves the Dawson Ranch subdivision. That project cost $804,121.

In a separate but related item, Council authorized a $183,900 professional services agreement with KPA Engineers for construction administration services for the project.

The final water related item on Tuesday was the passing of a resolution to affirm Belton’s need for 4-5 million gallons a day in additional water treatment capacity.

“We have sufficient water supply until 2060, but additional water treatment is needed by 2035,” City Manager Sam Listi said.

The City’s water provider, Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, is planning an expansion of its water treatment capacity at an estimated cost of $117 million. Belton’s estimated share of the cost would be $18-20 million.