Stage 5 Drought Conditions Rescinded

Stage 5 Drought Conditions Rescinded
February 23, 2021

The City of Belton is rescinding Stage 5 Drought Conditions and returning to normal water usage conditions. The Stage 5 emergency designation was initiated on Saturday, Feb. 20, to allow the City’s water towers to replenish supply following a week of extreme winter conditions. The conservation effort helped to preserve essential domestic services, including firefighting.

"A big Belton thank you to everyone who voluntarily reduced water usage," Mayor Wayne Carpenter said today. "With your cooperation our City was able to continue to provide safe water and avoid a citywide boil water notice."

 The water supply was impacted by extremely high demand that was exacerbated by public and private leaks from broken pipes.

The City coordinated with large water users to reduce consumption levels, and assisted residents in finding leaks and temporarily turning off service to allow for repairs.