Belton PD Joins National ABLE Project

Belton PD Joins National ABLE Project
February 11, 2021
BELTON – The Belton Police Department is set to take part in a national law enforcement training initiative committed to building the culture of peer intervention by police officers. The initiative, developed by Georgetown University Law’s Innovative Policing Program, is called the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project.

Belton PD joins a nationwide group of more than 70 law enforcement agencies and academies taking part in the training.

“We are pleased to receive this training and confident it will enhance the service we provide to the citizens of Belton,” Belton Police Chief Gene Ellis said.

The ABLE Project gives law enforcement officers intervention strategies to use when a peer uses excessive force. The training are designed to prevent misconduct, reduce mistakes, and promote health and wellness. The project is evidence-based and field-tested, and has support from national civil rights and law enforcement leaders. 

“Intervening in another’s action is harder than it looks after the fact, but it’s a skill we all can learn,” Jonathan Aronie, Chair of the ABLE Project Board of Advisors, said. “And, frankly, it’s a skill we all need – police and non-police.  ABLE teaches that skill.”

ABLE’s Train-The-Trainer events take place every month.  By the end of February, Belton Police Department instructors will be certified as ABLE trainers; and over the coming months, all of the Department’s officers will receive 8 hours of active bystandership education designed to prevent harm.

To be considered for this training, each agency must provide local letters of support. Belton PD received letters of support were from the local chapters of LULAC and NAACP.

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For more information regarding the Belton PD, contact Candice Griffin, Belton Police Department Communications Manager,, 254-933-5840.

For more information on the ABLE Project, contact Liza, ABLE Program Coordinator,, or Lisa, ABLE Project Director,