Belton Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Belton Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus
May 26, 2020

On Monday, a City of Belton employee tested positive for the Coronavirus. The employee was not in direct contact with the public and has been off work since becoming symptomatic on Thursday. Still, the City has been conservative in its response. The employee has access to multiple buildings, and precautions have been taken in this regard.

Precautions in response to the positive test include:

  • Lena Armstrong Public Library was closed today (precautionary, will reopen at 25-percent capacity tomorrow).
  • Finance Building limited to drive-thru service.
  • Department Heads and employees were notified about the test result and contact tracing was initiated through the Bell County Public Health District.
  • Sanitation of Public Works and Finance Buildings was scheduled.
  • Eleven employees had some contact with the employee and are either self-isolating or monitoring their conditions, depending on whether the contact was sustained or not (15 minutes, within 6 feet).
  • Councilmembers notified and allowed to participate remotely in tonight’s meeting.