Five Police Officers to be Recognized

Five Police Officers to be Recognized
September 27, 2019
The Belton Police Department is recognizing five officers for various on the job accomplishments. A formal presentation of these awards will occur at a briefing prior to the National Night Out activities on Oct. 1.

The awards include:
Officer of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter – 2019
Officer Dane Kantro
Officer Kantro, a school resource officer, provided effective leadership during the first month of school returning. One of the challenges officers routinely address is an increase in vaping among students. 

Officer Kantro has been instrumental in the planning and coordination of several community outreach events, including a presentation on the prevalence, consequences and dangers of student vaping. His professional approach to such a new topic was well received.
Lifesaving Medal and Exchange Club Officer of the Year
Officer Garrett Weikel
On Aug. 17, Officer Weikel responded to a choking call involving a 21-year old man. When Officer Weikel arrived, the victim in the kitchen not breathing. The man was still conscious but his face was blue. The victim suffered from Cerebral Palsy and was unable to stand on his own. Officer Weikel arrived and began performing the Heimlich maneuver for several minutes, which partially opened the victim’s airway. Belton EMS was able to finish opening the victim’s airway after carrying him to the ambulance and removing a large piece of food from his throat. The man was subsequently transported to Scott and White for further treatment. 
Police Commendation Medal
Officers Ray Rodriquez, Wayne Cooley, and Brody Telfer
On August 29, a man made comments to co-workers about drowning himself. The co-workers contacted Belton PD after the man left their presence. Belton officers located the man’s phone near the Belton Lake Dam. Morgan's Point Resort Dive Team(Marine 61) was contacted and upon arrival, Officer Cooley boarded Marine 61. After an extensive search, the man was located approximately 100 yards off shore. Officer Cooley tried to negotiate with the man, who was treading water.

The man repeatedly said he would drown himself if the officer and dive team did not leave him alone. Officer Cooley maintained coordination with Officers Telfer and Rodriquez who were shadowing the incident on the shoreline. Officer Cooley was eventually able to persuade the man to return to the shoreline, where he was immediately detained by Officers Telfer and Rodriquez.
The man was subsequently evaluated by Belton EMS, and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.