Police Release Name of Man Who Died on Tuesday

Police Release Name of Man Who Died on Tuesday
December 05, 2018

The man who took his own life while being subdued by a Belton police officer on Tuesday is Jacob Cadena, 21, of Belton.

Cadena was wanted for an assault that occurred over the weekend. His girlfriend filed a report at the Belton Police Department at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 3. In the report Cadena is accused of punching, pistol whipping, choking and threatening to kill his girlfriend and himself.

Just before noon on Tuesday, Belton police saw Cadena walking near the 700 block of 2nd Avenue. Cadena, whom police believed to be armed, refused repeated requests to stop and talk about the weekend incident. As police continued to follow behind him on foot, a Belton detective in an unmarked unit pulled in front Cadena in the 500 block of 2nd Avenue, in front of the Bell County Annex parking lot. Cadena then walked across the street, while reaching into his waistband. 

In an attempt to subdue Cadena, a detective grabbed him from behind, but Cadena used a gun he was carrying to shoot himself in the head.