Stage 1 Drought Watch Rescinded

Stage 1 Drought Watch Rescinded
November 02, 2018
In order to conserve the available water supply, protect the integrity of the water supply facilities, and minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortage, the City of Belton has adopted and implemented a Drought Contingency and Water Conservation Plan. This Plan incorporates certain rules and regulations on the delivery and consumption of water, depending on water demand, emergency situations, climate conditions, and the status of Belton’s water supply sources. 
The City of Belton initiated Stage 1 of the Drought Contingency Plan on July 19, 2018. Stage 1 is a mild water shortage condition that encourages voluntary conservation of water. The triggers for Stage 1 are one of the following:
1. Brazos River Authority enters into Stage 1 Drought Watch, which the entity did so on July 19, 2018. 
2. When total daily water demand equals or exceeds 6.45 million gallons for three consecutive days or 7.31 million gallons on a single day. 
3. Total treated water in the elevated storage does not refill to 80% of capacity overnight. 
As of November 2, 2018, all components of the BRA reservoir system were above BRA’s Stage 1 trigger levels, Belton’s daily water demand is well under 6.45 million gallons, and the elevated storage tanks are able to refill overnight. 
Therefore, the City of Belton officially rescinds Drought Stage 1. The City will continue to coordinate with the Brazos River Authority and monitor the water demand in the City. Should dry conditions materialize or emergency conditions occur, the City of Belton will announce the initiation of the required drought stages.