Belton Fire Department to Distribute Free Fans

Belton Fire Department to Distribute Free Fans
July 14, 2017
BFD Logo - cipThe Belton Fire Department is giving away electric fans to residents in need of help cooling off during the summer heat. The goal of the fan giveaway is to help elderly, disabled, or residents with life-threatening illnesses to have a way to cool down.

To be eligible for a fan a person must show proof of residency within the Belton city limits (electric bill, water bill, etc.). Fans are available every day of the week, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., at either Belton fire station  Distribution will continue until all fans are given away.

Several private businesses and organizations make this giveaway possible, including Belton Walmart, Belton H-E-B, TruMH, Belton Rotary Club, and Belton Professional Firefighters Association. Locations of Distribution:

Fire Station 1
203 S. Penelope St.
(254) 933-5828

Fire Station 2
420 Sparta Road
(254) 933-5881