Flash Flood Watch Issued for Belton, Other Areas, by the National Weather Service

Flash Flood Watch Issued for Belton, Other Areas, by the National Weather Service
August 25, 2017
600600p1352EDNmainNWSFloodWatchLogo021017The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for Belton and other areas beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday and ending at 7 a.m. on Monday.

A flash flood watch means that conditions are favorable for flooding. At this time 2-6 inches of rainfall is forecast during the warning period. 

City of Belton officials have made preparations in advance of the storm: inlets and culverts have been cleared of debris and the flood monitoring system has received maintenance to assure it is functioning properly. 

The monitoring system is a series of five stations that measure stream elevation on Nolan Creek, which is prone to rapid elevation changes because it is a relatively small creek that drains a large watershed along the I-14 corridor that stretches from Fort Hood to Belton. 

Nolan Creek's path through Downtown Belton is also near the end of the drainage basin, which makes the large changes in stream elevation much more noticeable. 

People should avoid Nolan Creek during periods of high elevation as the velocity of the water and potential of debris make it make it dangerous. 

Residents and others visiting Belton should monitor conditions on their own. When water is over a roadway do not attempt to drive over it. Turn around don't drown. 

Use personal judgment and consider staying home during periods of heavy rainfall. 

If you encounter debris such as a downed tree or power line in the road, please call 254-933-5840.