Bulk Collection Days are Option for Large Trash Items

Bulk Collection Days are Option for Large Trash Items
September 06, 2017

Belton trash customers have options on weeks where more trash is generated than fits in the container.

Each week we accept up to three additional items, up to 50 pounds each, provided they are bagged, boxed, or bundled, and placed next to the trash can.

In addition, the City organizes free bulk collection events to help meet the needs of customers who need to dispose of items heavier than 50 pounds or items not able to be bagged, boxed, or bundled. There is one more events scheduled in 2016:

o October 22

Four additional events will be scheduled in 2017.

Regardless of disposal method, all appliances with refrigerants must be green tagged (a green tag designates that refrigerants are removed).

Other options for bulky waste:

• Take items to the Temple Landfill at 706 Landfill Road. Note: a fee will be accessed and a safety vest is required. For more information, visit City of Temple's website. 
• If item is in good condition, contact local charity organization.