Street Resurfacing Taking Place in Several Belton Locations this Week

Street Resurfacing Taking Place in Several Belton Locations this Week
September 16, 2016

15152251297_b0d5ba190c_ba (1)City-wide street maintenance aimed at protecting and preserving streets is planned at several locations for the week of Sept. 19th, weather permitting. Chip sealing is a common maintenance practice where a thin layer of oil and rock is added to a road surface, sealing pavement cracks and preventing water from penetrating the road surface.

Residents and businesses along the affected roadways have been notified. The chip sealing operation typically shuts down half a street at a time. During the process traffic control personnel are onsite to protect workers and help direct traffic. Following the chip seal process it is common for small "chips" of asphalt to be slightly loose as the new layer of pavement settles. Some tracking of oil is also common, but these impacts are temporary.

The following locations will be affected the week of Sept. 19th:
• Hughes between W. Ave. F and W. Ave. J
• S. Davis between W. Ave. C and W. Ave. D
• S. Pearl W. Ave D and W. Ave F
• W. Ave. D between Main and Pearl
• W. Ave. E between Main and Davis
• W. Ave. H between Main and Pearl
• Spring/Birdwell between Central Ave. and I-35 Service Road
• Mary Jane between US 190 Service Road and W. Ave. I
• W. Ave. E between Mitchell and Mary Jane
• Mitchell between W. Ave. D and Mitchell Circle (near Senior Center) 
• W. Ave. H between Mitchell and Sparks 
• Quail Meadows Subdivision 
o Armstrong Dr. between Stiles and to Kneese Dr.
o Kneese Dr. between FM 439 (Lake Road) and Armstrong Dr.
o Stiles between Loop 121 and Kneese Dr.
o Kinney between Stiles and Kneese Dr.