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Water and Wastewater Service

Water Distribution
The city purchases treated water from Bell County Water Control & Improvement District No. 1. The district pulls water from Lake Belton and processes it at a treatment plant by the lake. Water is transmitted from the plant via waterlines, booster stations, and elevated storage tanks. It is then distributed to the customers. Water Distribution maintains existing water mains throughout the City and respond to non-emergency and emergency water leak repairs.

Drinking Water Quality  
In compliance with the rules and regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), an annual Drinking Water Quality Report is made available for customers to view.


The City of Belton distributes water that is disinfected using chloramines, which are intended to provide protection from waterborne disease while minimizing the levels of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in the water distribution system. The following is the official TCEQ notice to City water customers: 

Dialysis Patients

Chloramines can cause problems for people who are dependent on dialysis machines. A condition known as hemolytic anemia can occur if the disinfectant is not completely removed from water used for dialysate. Consequently, the pretreatment scheme used for dialysis units must include some means, such as a charcoal filter, for removing the chloramine. Medical facilities should also determine if additional precautions are required for other medical equipment.

Aquarium Owners

In addition, chloraminated water may be toxic to fish. Make sure that fish tank chemicals or filters are designed for use in water that has been treated with chloramines. Aquarium owners should visit local pet stores or retail outlets with pet or aquarium supplies for dechloramination products and instructions.

View this Q/A document for more information about chloramines.

Online Water Monitoring
Monitor water usage online through your utility bill account. This service allows customers to track water usage on an hourly basis, if desired. In addition, customers who use this feature can set alerts to be notified when high usage thresholds are exceeded. This has helped some residents to identify water leaks in a timely manner. 

The service is free to Belton water customers, but registration is required.

Water and Wastewater Rates
Current residential water and wastewater rates are available on the Utility Billing page and in the Fee Schedule.

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