Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)
The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) is a City Council-appointed, quasi-judicial board that considers appeals in zoning matters and may recommend granting special exemptions or variances for non-conforming land uses. The Board is comprised of citizen appointees: five regular members and two alternates.  

The Zoning Board of Adjustment schedules appeals within a reasonable time, and notifies the public at least 10 days prior to a hearing. Property owners located within 200 feet of the property on which the appeal is made are mailed hearing notices. 

The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets when requests for variances are submitted. Once an application is submitted, the Planning Department schedules a meeting.  ZBA Meetings are typically held on in the Wright Room at the Harris Community Center.   

ZBA Commission Chair Mat Naegele  •  Amanda Hendrick  •  Robin Alaniz  •  Nelson Hutchinson  •  Garrett Smith     
 •  Judy Owens (Alternate)  •  Ben Burnett (Alternate)

ZBA Agenda and Minutes
taking-notesSee the table below to access recent agendas and minutes for Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings.

The agendas and minutes for the Planning & Zoning CommissionHistoric Preservation Commission and Belton City Council are located on their respective pages.

The agendas and minutes from all other boards are located on the Other Agendas and Minutes page.

Date Agenda Packet Minutes Audio
May 7 Agenda Packet Minutes Audio
March 5 Agenda Packet Minutes Audio
September 5 Agenda Packet Minutes Audio
February 7 Agenda Packet Minutes Audio
November 1  Agenda Packet   Minutes  Audio
June 27   Agenda   Packet   Minutes  Audio
June 7 - No Quorum  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
May 3
 Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
March 1
 Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
Feb. 1
 Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 Oct. 5  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 Sept. 7  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 July 14  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 April 6  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 Sept. 9  Agenda  Packet  Minutes
 June 10  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 April 8  Agenda  Packet  Minutes   Audio
 Dec.  18                  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 Nov. 20  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 July 17                             Agenda  Packet  Minutes   Audio
 April 25  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 Jan. 14  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Audio
 March 22  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  --
 June 1  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  --
 July  20  Agenda   Packet  Minutes  --
 Nov. 17  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  --
 Oct. 20  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  --
 June 30  Agenda  Packet  Minutes  --