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Featured News

Public hearing: Two properties recommended for annexation

The City Council of the City of Belton, Texas will hold a public hearing on the annexation of property generally located east of Toll Bridge Rd. and further described as:

A 2.88-acre tract of property located in the F. Madregal Survey, Abstract 544, Bell County, Texas, Property ID # 472920, located on the east side of Toll Bridge Rd. 5235 Toll Bridge Rd.

A 7.28-acre tract of property located in the F. Madredal Survey, Abstract 544, Bell County, Texas, Property ID # 105615, located east of Toll Bridge Rd.

View of map of the area here.

The public hearing will be held on February 8, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wright Room at the Harris Community Center located at 401 N. Alexander, Belton, Texas 76513.

Additional information is available by contacting Bob van Til, Planning Director at bvantil@beltontexas.gov or calling 254-933-5816.

Citizens encouraged to comment on Thoroughfare Plan

The City of Belton invites public comments on 17 proposed amendments to the Belton Thoroughfare Plan through November 12, 2021.
The Belton Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to conduct a public hearing on the proposed amendments on November 16, 2021. The Belton City Council is scheduled to conduct a public hearing consider revising the plan on January 11, 2022.
For more information, contact Bob van Til, Planning Director at bvantil@beltontexas.gov or 254-933-5816.

City Council approves updates to Subdivision Ordinance
Below is a link to the Subdivision Ordinance and the amendments that were adopted at the April 28, 2020 City Council meeting. The Summary of Changes outlines the revisions that were adopted by Council. If you have any questions, please email Planning Director Bob van Til at bvantil@beltontexas.gov or call 254-933-5816. 
     2020 Adopted Subdivision Ordinance
    SUMMARY OF CHANGES: Adopted April 28, 2020

Changes made to subdivision plat process 
In order to comply with recently passed state legislation, we have revised our submittal dates and checklist for subdivision plat/plan reviews. 

Plat Schedule: The new deadline for submittals will be the 1st Monday of the month instead of the 15th, effective for the January P&ZC meeting.  Staff review time is approximately 10 working days for the first submittal, and 5 working days for re-submittals.  Our policy is to ensure plats/plans are administratively complete, i.e. all items have been addressed, before moving forward to the P&ZC for consideration.  This ensures any issues are fully identified and addressed (or variance requested), before the plat is presented to the P&ZC/CC.  Keep our calendar on hand. 

Plat Checklist: We have a new checklist for plats and construction plans that will be used by staff as we review the initial submittal of the plat and plans.  The applicant needs to check-off this list before submitting the plat and plans to us.  Each item needs to be addressed and if not applicable, indicated as such.  We will review this list when a plat and plans are  being submitted; if it is not provided, or if an item has not been addressed, they will not be accepted. 
Download the forms here, under Planning Applications and Ordinances >> Subdivision Related Documents. 

City can no longer require specific building materials
Effective Sept. 1, 2019, use of specific building materials identified in Section IV - Building Design Standards, are not required, but are recommended. This is due to the passage of HB 2439 by the Texas State Legislature in their 86th regular session.  
New Homes March 2017 006
Council adopts mobile food vendor ordinance
As the popularity of food trucks shows no signs of slowing down, the City of Belton recently presented a mobile food vendor ordinance that was adopted by City Council on July 9, 2019.
Now with a set of rules in place, business owners can map out the best locations in Belton to operate. The City has developed a new application and application fee, changing it to a six-month permit and $50. The application can be turned into the Planning Department, 333 Water Street in Downtown Belton.
We welcome you to Belton and look forward to working with you.

(Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance 2019-27 and Amended Fire Code for Food Vendors, 2019-28.)