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Recycling in Belton

 Recycling Carta.png
    Single-stream recycling is available to residential garbage customers not served by a dumpster.    
  • Recycling collection days are every-other Wednesday. To find your collection day see the schedule map to determine whether you are serviced in a green or gold week. A weekly trash service schedule is also available.                
  • Never forget about recycling day with our Notify Me service, which sends an automated email or text the day before collection. Identify if your address is serviced in a gold or green week, then sign up for the service under the Calendar heading on the Notify Me page.

2017 Recycle Collection Calendar
 Green Zone 2017.png
* -- Thursday
 Gold Zone 2017 revized.png
* -- Thursday

Recyclable Materials
 Aluminum and Steel Cans, Foil and Pie Tins.png
Aluminum & Steel Cans
Foil & Pie Tins
 Plastic Containers No. 1-7 and Paperboard Containers.png
Plastic Containers No. 1-7
Paperboard Containers
Paper Bags.png 
Paper Bags
 Cardboard and Food Boxes.png
Cardboard & Food Boxes
 Junk Mail and Phone Books.png
Junk Mail & Phone Books

Unacceptable Materials
  • Styrofoam Packaging
  • Soiled Food Containers (i.e. Pizza Boxes)
  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Electronics
  • Ceramics or Dishes
  • Food Waste/Garbage
  • Light Bulbs
  • Glass
  • Wire Clothes Hangers