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1. How do I commend a police officer's actions, or send in a complaint?
2. What is Belton PD's policy regarding Racial Profiling?
3. How do I get a copy of an accident report or police report?
4. How do I find out about crimes in my neighborhood?
5. How do I find out about a career with BPD?
6. How can I be notified when BPD is hiring?
7. How do I find out more information about the Citizens Police Academy program?
8. How do I schedule an appearance by the “Badge” (BPD’s mascot) at my event?
9. I have a traffic complaint in my neighborhood. How do I get assistance?
10. Will the Belton Police Department conduct extra patrol on my residence while I am on vacation?
11. Are solicitors required to have a permit from the City?
12. How do I report an animal complaint?
13. How to I report junk cars, high weeds, or other aesthetic issues in my neighborhood?