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Rockwool Repository
The Rockwool Repository documents are available for public viewing at the Lena Armstrong Public Library, 301 E. 1st Ave.


Rockwool O&M Activities Annual Report
FW_Rockwool Industries Federal Superfund Site - City of Belton 2015 Annual Report (Annual Report)

2015 Rockwool O&M Activities Annual Report Sent 1-27-2016

CD Contents
General Site Documentation
1_Rockwool FSP 04-26-11
2_Rockwool FSP_Addendum 1_06-14-12
3_Rockwool FSP Addendum 2_01-20-15
4_Rockwool FSP Addendum 3_06-11-15

MatCon HMA Cover Documentation
1_Operations and Maintenance Plan for Matcon HMA Cover_08-23-13
2_Fence Construction and Hot Mixed Asphaltic Concrete Cover Repair Letter Report_02-03-15

Operation and Maintenance Reports
1_Initial Site Visit Report_01-07-11
2_Operations and Maintenance Plan_02-11-11
3_FY11 Semi Annual Operations and Maintenance Report_8-15-11
4_FY12 Drainage Maintenance Activity Letter Report_09-04-12
5_FY12 Semi-Annual Operations and Maintenance Report_10-29-2012
6_FY13 Field Summary Report_07-11-13
7_FY13 Annual Operations and Maintenance Report_07-16-13
8_FY14 Annual Operation and Maintenance Report_08-25-14
9_FY15 Operations and Inspections Letter Report_08-24-15
10_FY15 Annual Operations and Maintenance Report_10-15-15
11_FY16 Operations and Inspections Letter Report_08-29-16
12_FY16 Annual Operations and Maintenance Report_10-17-16
13_FY16 Project Document Review and Containment Cell Cover Letter Report

Restrictive Covenants
1_Restrictive Covenant Tracts 8-9
2_Restrictive Covenant Tracts 10-13

Survey Documentation
1_Rockwool Boundary Survey 1 of 2
2_Rockwool Boundary Survey 2 of 2
3_Rockwool_Topography Survey 1 of 2
4_Rockwool_Topography Survey 2 of 2